The term "raw" material denotes materials in unprocessed or minimally processed states. Raw was born from the desire to bring people to a new concept of pastry, refined sugar-free, healthier, and suitable for those who follow plant-based diet, gluten-free diet or those who do sport. Raw pastry is totally innovative both as production methods and as ingredients used. They are composed using unrefined elements such as fruit, nuts, seeds, superfoods, unrefined sweeteners and oils, most of them organic.

Amazing Things for You

Unlike traditional cakes, raw cakes do not require baking, and are naturally free from refined sugar, dairy, egg, yeast, gluten.
The raw desserts feed and give energy rather than take it away!
By soaking the seeds, the antinutrients (phytate) are drastically reduced, and with the cooking processes below 42 °C , the enzymes contained in the fruit are kept alive, helping the digestive processes.

Raw” is a project of the Botanical Food Lab. Raw elements are assembled together to define a simple and completely natural flavour.

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