My passion about raw food pastry

I was born and spent most of my life in Italy. I lived a childhood very close to nature. My family was the owner of a restaurant in Southern Italy, so I grew up breathing the passion for good food.

For various reasons, I first undertook a course of study that led me to obtain an MD in physics, later I worked many years in the fields of publishing and education.

My interest for healthy cooking was born about 15 years ago, when I decided to take back my health and the food I ate.

Until then, for study and work reasons, I had completely delegated the preparation of my meals and consequently my health to someone else.
Little by little I became interested in improving my cooking techniques in order to have truly nutritious and healthy food, a bit like my grandparents’ time when the food was not as refined as it is now and was self-produced. Taking food back for me meant “relearning” self-production techniques.

At that time I was still living in Italy, there was a rediscovery of ancient varieties of plants, thanks to the commitment of several organic producers, and at the same time, I could attend different courses about vegan cuisine, raw food, and macrobiotic.

I have entered into synergy with plants and I have decided to transform this passion of mine into a job.

In 2021 I finally decided to invest further in my training and enrolled in the Food Future Institute cooking school of the American celebrity chef Matthew Kenney.

Now I would like to share my passion with others, let them discover authentic flavours and not artifact, and promote a type of pastry that is nutritious and natural.



Sharing my passion with others, let them discover authentic flavors and not artifacts, and promote a type of pastry that is nutritious and natural.


Offering truly healthy cakes, free from refined sugars and artificial substances.


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